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We Are Proud To Be Sponsored From 2015 by Dale Bladen & Bailey Performance

Dale will be tuning our supercharged Capri this year so we can push the car further,
Please pop along to his site.

We Are Proud To Be Sponsored From 2012 By EXTRA EFI.CO.UK

Phil is well known for being a Megasquirt Ecu Wizard,
pop along to his site and have a look at what he has to offer.

The car is in the Process of having a Cosworth RS500 intercooler fitted, and then a Rotrex C38-91 supercharger, Details Here: NOW FINISHED: 03/01/14
Thanks to Dave & Colin Harvey from SC-POWER Brentwood Essex,
They are well known for the modification and upgrade work they do for the TVR owners out there,

After a long day with Dale @ Bailey performance Ltd on April 16th for a full mapping session on the rolling road,
We came with 404-RWHP we struggled to get to 12psi of boost due to belt and tensioner issues - once sorted looks like we have more to unleash, VIDEOS TO FOLLOW:
Ran a PB at Santa Pod Raceway Sunday 22nd June 2014,
12.37 @ 111.68 mph 11's are on the horizon.

Videos available here: of previous runs

Welcome to Capriracing,
There are two main loves in my life (excluding the wife and kids)
Ford Capri's and the V8 engine,
For my the love of the V8 engine i set up the V8 Owners Forum which has a worldwide membership,
And for the Capri the newly set up Capri Technical Forum  which is growing slowly
And this site which is all about my Rover V8 powered Ford Capri,
This car started life as a C reg 1.6 Laser and has now been converted from that to what it is today,
A Rover 4.8 efi V8 powered Capri with a Rotrex C38-91 supercharger and intercooler, with 485bhp

Santapod Burnout,

Capri leaving start line at Santa Pod Raceway

The car has been owned by me now since 1997, and was built up from a bare shell,
Over the years the car has had many changes put upon it until its present state of modification,
Now you know a little about the car Now find out about me !
Latest Additions To Site
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On this site there are many topics regarding the Capri:
These are to name but a few below,
NEW Supercharger Page: added to the site: Updated 03/01/2014
All about the new Rotrex supercharger installation on the V8 in my Mk3 Ford V8 Capri,

Mustang 8.8 axle upgrade page added to the site: Updated 31/01/2011
more pictures as the axle build progresses.
So please feel free to search around my site,
also contact me about anything regarding the car or this site on the below link,
Contact Me.
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