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 Updated Friday, February 17, 2017 14:27
Links To All The Info On My V8 Capri
RED Text is recent update
Updated 02/04/06
Full Spec On My V8 Capri, From Interior To Engine etc.
Updated 02/04/06
Several Videos Of The Car Racing and playing vids,
updated 09/03
The Fitting Of My New 2.8i LSD Axle
updated 04/03
Info And My Nitrous System Install
updated 04/03
Pics etc On My Engine Rebuild For The 2003 SRS Series
Updated 03/04/04
Pics On My engine Rebuild For 2004
NEW V8 Engine Refresh 2007 NEW
updated 02/04/07
The latest engine changes going on under the bonnet.
Updated 12/02/04
This is a few pics of the oil pump after 9 yrs of use, and the damage that can happen

updated 11/03

Sponsors That Have Helped With The Car This Year
Pic's Of The Car Racing
updated 10/03
Pictures Of My Capri Racing In The SRS Series At Santa Pod Raceway
V8 Conversion Pages
updated 03/02
A few pictures of my conversion
Bodyshell Rebuild 2003
Updated 03/04
The major winter rebuild of my Mk3 Capri bodyshell
Calender Of Work and news **NEW**
Updated 02/04/06

All news regarding the car and things that will happen

Brakes & Suspension
Updated 30/08/07
My brake and suspension set ups on my v8 capri
New Efi Upgrade **NEW**
Updated 02/04/06
My new efi hybrid set up,
Photo Shoot's **NEW**
Updated 17/06/06
Magazine Photo shoot's done with the car.
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