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Welcome to the supercharger page for my V8 Powered Mk3 Capri,
Hopefully by the end of this page we should have a supercharged V8 Capri running a Rotrex C38-91 supercharger and Cosworth RS 500 intercooler,
Many things are going to have to be changed to allow the supercharger fitment into the Capri shell,
I will try and document with pictures work needing doing to achieve this..

Supercharger & Brackets Supplied by SCPOWER in Brentwood Essex,,

The Work!
Cosworth RS500 intercooler heading for the capri engine bay,
Where the intercooler is planning to be mounted,
Note the metal needed to be removed to clear pipes,
Material removed and intercooler now sitting up higher and into the slam panel hump,
Brackets modded on intercooler, and new brackets onto inner wing, all needs fettleing and tidying up at the end of installation,
How the rad and intercooler should sit together, no fans fitted yet,
New rad brackets needing to be fabricated etc,
Upgrading to Accel coil packs too,
And the new toy, Rotrex C38-91 supercharger rated 350-740bhp,
A new Audi Radiator was called for for the final install, along with new fans and brackets,
The start of the new fan mounting brackets,
Nearly finished,
Trial fit of new rad, intercooler and fans,
Blimey!!!!! the rad pipes still fit, :-)
How much that had to be cut away to clear the new set-up,
Start of the Rotrex supercharger mock up,
The mounting bracket,
The Rotrex C38-91 supercharger and face plate were added next,
Side view of the supercharger install mock up,
And a rear view of the supercharger install mock up,
We maybe able to retain the original mounting position of the air filter due to the space around the charger and to the inner wing,
AHHHHHHH SHHHH :-( didnt count on this happening,
Intercooler pipe comes out inline with the Supercharger pulley,
The Supercharger and brackets have gone back to Dave at S.C Power for a little bit of reworking, as had a few issues with the install,
BUT SC-Power are on the ball and working on rectifing the faults ASAP.

More to follow as this conversion gets into full swing,

Blimey nearly a year ago this page started and the car is now finished, well sort of ;-)
the following photo's are the completion of the install.
Be warned: lots of pics beyond this point :)
Second oil cooler fitted, this is for the supercharger.
The start of the hoses from Roosemotorsport have arrived,
Started laying out the hoses, but not happy with this route, everything is crammed down one side,
Next option rotate the plenum 180 deg and try that,
This is better, BUT the twin plenum outlets foul the brake fluid res, BUGGER!!!!
Take2: Changed the twin plenum for a single plenum and we just have enough clearance,
also makes room down the passenger side to allow the air filter fitment,
As you can see, the plenum outlet elbow is might close to the mastercylinder,
Lower valence area removed to allow more room for the larger alloy Cosworth rad that we are now using,
And cross brace fitted (bolt in) between the chassis rails and anti roll bar mounts,
Trial fit of the cosworth rad, bloomin tight :-(
One problem we came across was the throttle linkage on the single plenum was going to foul the inlet pipe work from the intercooler to the plenum :-( BUGGER AGAIN..
After a bit oh head scratching, cutting and shutting, we came up with this, (not welded up yet)
Double check fittment and yup clears hoses etc :-)
Slowly getting there, everything falling into place now,
Just airfilter and pipe work to do, throttle cable, air temp sensor boss in the outlet pipework from the intercooler, and the pipework for the recirc valve back to charger,
Airtemp boss ready for welding,
Back from welding, and polished, throttle cable sorted, and recirc vacuum hose done,
Looking mighty busy under the bonnet now,
The air filter pipework has also started,
Airfilter in and its tight :-(
All complete along with recirc pipework and oil catch can,
The car has been road mapped by Shaun from
car pulls real strong through the gears and revs past 6k with no struggle at all,
the boost stops climbing at 5820RPM at this point the car is making 14psi of Boost,
Shaun estimates well over 400bhp near on 450bhp with over 400ftlbs of torque :-)
Rolling road later on in the new year.
Thankyou for following this build, and sorry it took so long updating,
If there is anything you want to ask or comment then please feel free to mail me on
Email me here: please put supercharger conversion in the subject box,

And a couple of videos for you of the first fire up of the car, then one of the first road test of the car and charger,

Click Here For Direct Link To Video If Not Visible Above

vid 2: Road Test:

Click Here For Direct link To Video If Not Visible Above


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