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One of the most iconic vehicles of its generation, the Ford Capri is still revered today – but how easy is it for its drivers to get affordable car insurance quotes?

Here we look at some important considerations when insuring a Ford Capri and what cover you’ll need if you plan to participate in drag racing events.

How much does it cost to insure a Ford Capri?

Car insurance companies take into account a number of factors when assessing premiums including your personal circumstances; your driving history; your address; your annual mileage; and the vehicle you drive. As such, there’s no set price for car insurance – quotes can vary widely between providers depending on how they assess this criteria.

However, if you are hoping to find a Ford Capri that is relatively cheap to insure you should look into its specification, engine size and model year. Generally, older cars are cheaper to insure because they cost less to repair/replace; while vehicles with smaller engines often qualify for cheaper premiums as they are less likely to be driven at fast speeds and involved in accidents. It’s also best to look for vehicles with standard specifications and no modifications as any non-standard parts can add to the vehicle’s value and push insurance premiums north.

If you are looking to buy a Ford Capri then use the Association of British Insurers’ database to gain an overview of how much the model is likely to cost to insure. The database ranks models in groups from 1-20 (now a 1-50 system but Ford Capris are still classified into the 1-20 group ratings) based on how much they typically cost to repair, how easy it is to replace parts, engine capacity and so on.

There can be significant differences between Capri models. For example, the 1983-1988 Ford Capri Tickford with a 2,792cc engine is classified in group 16 and is one of the most expensive Capri models to insure mainly because of its performance capabilities. By contrast, the 1981 Ford Capri Tempo with a 1,292cc engine is one of the cheapest models to insure as it is classified in group seven.

Which car insurance company should you choose?

As insurers use different criteria to assess premiums there can be substantial differences between the quotes you receive. As such it’s best to take as thorough an overview of the market as possible – comparison websites can compare deals from around 120 car insurance providers helping you find a competitive deal quickly.

However, it’s important to look beyond price alone and also consider what you’re getting for your money. Pay attention to the terms and conditions of any policy you are interested in and look out for exclusions – these are circumstances in which you will not be covered.

Broadly, there are three types of car insurance policy available:

- Third party only: Protects you against liability for damages and injuries to others and liability while towing a trailer.

- Third party, fire and theft: Third party cover plus protection for your own car against theft, theft-related damage and fires.

- Comprehensive: Third party, fire and theft cover plus cover for damages to your own vehicle in the event of an accident (subject to policy exclusions). Depending on the policy you choose you may also benefit from features such as personal accident cover, windscreen cover, a courtesy car while yours is repaired and more.

While it is sensible to take out as much cover as you can afford, think carefully about the level of cover that’s right for you. For example, if you drive a relatively cheap Capri and you are an inexperienced driver it may be more cost effective to take out a third party policy.

Do Ford Capris qualify for classic car insurance?

There are several specialist car insurers that offer classic car insurance with features designed for owners of classic cars. Generally classic cars are those built pre-1975, which covers a number of Capri models. However, even later Capri models that are kept in good condition may be considered as ‘cherished’ models and may also qualify for classic car insurance.

Some of the features you may enjoy with classic car insurance include:

- Agreed valuations: So you know what your Ford Capri is worth in the event that it is ever written off or stolen – it will not be subject to a market valuation.

- Exclusive discounts: Classic car insurers may offer discounts for agreeing to mileage limits; completing advanced driving courses; and joining an owners’ club.

- Laid-up insurance: Cover against theft and mishaps if your Ford Capri is off the road and is being worked on as a project.

Even though these policies may offer cover more closely tailored to your needs you should still assess them alongside conventional policies to ensure you’re receiving value for money and not missing out on any other cover features.

What about insurance for drag racing?

If you plan to race your Capri then some insurance companies will cover track events but you will normally need a specialist deal. Check to see exactly what types of events are included as protection may only be offered for rallies and hill climbs.

There are specialist drag racing policies available, however. Typically these policies will not cover you while you race on the track but will cover the contents of your race car trailer; storage and additional equipment; and cover while you travel between races. Shop around and read the terms and conditions carefully.


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