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Post by Caprinorwich »

I recently bought a 2.8i on an E plate (not a brooklands).. it had been standing fr 4 years and finally got the owner to part with it, its in good condition and runs smoothly etc but whenever i leave it running the temp gauge flys up. I have flushed the radiator, moved the expansion so its now level with the radiator as before it was sitting lower. the viscous fan is working but i dont know if its running too slowly or not and worried that it might be a head gasket gone.. does anyone have any tips/ tricks as i really want to drive it but cant go far when there is a problem like this ????


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Post by csr »

Overheating issues are standard fit on most 2.8's

If you have one that runs fine, go buy a lottery ticket because you're very lucky.

Get the sniffer test done on the header tank then you'll know.

The cooling system is borderline at best and the slightest blockage will tip it over the edge.

If it only gets hot when your not moving, it points at the rad not providing adequate cooling
which can be down to blockages or lack of air flow gernerated by the fan.

You might get lucky and solve the problem easily but experience suggests othewise.
The wise money is spent junking the 2.8 in favour of a replacement with less
design flaws.
Just some of what we do

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Post by capri_lover »

Wow.. that's a harsh response if you dont mind me saying so!

Especially when It could be something as simple as a replacement thermostat?!


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Post by chiefcapri2.8 »

I had a 2.8 until recently and never had any problems with it at all, thought it was a cracking engine and great fun! So i stick with it until you know 100% that it's a serious/fatal problem!
1 tip you might try is they were a bugger for air locks in the cooling system, get a funnel and some hose pipe and an old rad cap (solid type not blow off). Drill a hole thro the rad cap so you can stuff the hose pipe thro, attach other end to funnel. Hold the funnel up in the air and fill the rad with water, this allows you to use gravity to force water into the system hopefully overcoming any air locks.
Also, are you getting hot air in the car?? The usual place for air locks is the heater matrix and can sometimes be diagnosed by having no heated air.

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Post by last18 »

I am not an expert in this matter, but I esteem your opinions.

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