mk1 capri master cylinder

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mk1 capri master cylinder

Post by brett »

Hey again all, been a while.
Well after going through a string of money pit dead end modern cars I've decided I'm sick and tired of it, my latest escapade involved a diesel xsarra picasso that's cost me over dbl it's value and is now diagnosed with 3mm of play in the diff, I simply can't justify the cost to repair it any further so I'm making the decision to put the money into the capri as it's a far wiser investment. Apart from the fact it will need all new rubbers I'm looking into the brakes, seeing as it's all old and hasn't been used for a while I'm thinking it may be a good idea to upgrade to a dual braking circuit, any ideas if this would mean swapping the pab servo as well or is there a bolt on master cylinder that will do the job?

Just to add it's a 1969 mk1 1.6 auto

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