rear suspension jack up kit

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rear suspension jack up kit

Post by kylepiggy »

i need to no if there is a way to raise the rear of my capri up to give it that sit up and beg look. needs to also be safe for general driving dont want to be changing bent leafsprings every week. anybody done this or have any ideas or links or contact number to talk to some 1

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Post by IanD »

I did this for a show,was a summer camp one year and the theme was mad max. All you have to do is get some thick enough plate,bout 4-5mm thick. Think I made the metal about 20 inches long and about 3inches wide. down the centre of the metal I drilled holes about 2 inches apart. Then I just replaced the brackets i'd made with the rear leaf spring brackets right at the back of the car,made it sit up at the rear end a treat. I don't know what this would handle like on the road, as this car was driven on private land and never on the road with this mod.

It's been a while since I did this,must be near on 9 years LOL so you might have to re-measure to get some better measurements. Sadly the car was scrapped after the show as it was rotten and I never managed to get round to getting the brackets off.
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