mk1 engine conversion

Please let us know here of any parts needed to fit other engines into Capri shells, and any other modifications needed,

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mk1 engine conversion

Post by brett » Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:28 pm

not sure if iv posted this in the right place or not, if not i apologize in advance.

i used to visit the V8 forums a fair few years back run by tony a fair bit and was originally going with the route of a v8 transplant, any way plans change when you move house and then hit you in the face when an illness hits and you end up sat on your arse for 5 years :/

Tony might remem this one, i have a 1969 (70 reged) mk1 capri in solid condition had some cosmetic work done recently and a few small cosmetic bits left to do but other than that its pretty much rock solid condition and its low mileage to boot, problem comes in the engine department its a 1600 GT running though a BW 35 auto bow couldn't pull the skin of a rice puddin.

My current daily (jeep cherokee) is reachin the point where parts are failing and its proving to be costly with long waiting times for parts even from jeep dealers.

So its looking like i need a change of vehicle and i really want to get the capri up and running but with a more reliable fun engine whilst maintaining some fuel efficency, budget wont be megga so a v8 is out of the question, from reading through the site and from research im thinking along the lines of the 2.9 12v/24v (which one is budget dependent) one thing i do know is id like around 200 bhp and the same torque so the 24v would be ideal (we all know power is addictive so the 24v will also provide a better base point to move on from i.e stand alone ecu and turbo/turbo's ) ..

To the questions i am mechanically minded but a full on swap is a bit out of abbilitys (health reasons) so i would probably have to look at getting someone to engineer, weld and fit the swap then finish it off myself.

Will this mount up ok in place of my 1.6.

what are the chances of keeping it an auto box i.e how easy will it fit (i know manual are better but this is due to health reason's)

is my rear end going to be up to the job?

Im fully aware ill need to update suspension (new bushes, shocks and maybe stiffer front springs for the extra weight) and braking (your gtr 260 kit seeming to fit the budget and smaller wheels) but on a nearly 40 year old car this is kind of a no brainer really.

I appreciate any advice you guys can give me and i do realize your all busy guys, just it seems hard to find this mod documented into a mk1

Many thanks


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Post by Coops » Thu Apr 16, 2009 6:35 pm

Hi mate long time no speak,

i recomend the 24v in the mk1,
caprisport did a blue mk1 two years ago and it looked fookin ace and factory,


Visit Caprisports 24V page.
speak to member CSR, he maybe able to assist you mate.
Regards Tony C (COOPS)
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Post by demo2 » Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:27 am

Hi Brett, glad 2 c ur still about, we did wonder what happened 2 u. Cossie wud be cool and fit nice, theres a guy over here who shipped a mk1 lotus tina, mk2 lotus tina, a mk3 cortina, mk4 cortina and a corsair over, the corsair had a cossie in it and looked the part in it.

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Post by csr » Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:41 am

Given your situation, I have to say the 12V is what you need,

Go looking for a 2.9 Granada to transplant the lot.
Yes the 24V looks great and does a bit more power but you got to get your sensible head on here?

The 12V is verry cheap and it's a solid relyable base if you want to start tweeking later.
There are lots more tuning bits at sensible money available.
Yes there are bits available for the 24V but it's all specialist big money stuff and getting hold of a 24V Granada
with sensible mileage is getting harder and costing more.
The 12V is good for 200k but don't go beyond 100k with the 24V

As regards fitting - you need to gather 2.8 bits such as mounts, rack, cross member etc.
Would need to talk to Neil but I see no reason why we couldn't do the heavy engineering
and leave the finishing touches to you.
That's what takes the time so getting the engine and on the mounts would not be too costly.

We also do a donor car strip service - you get the Granada to us and we'll remove everything you need to do the swap.
There are generally a few other usable parts which can be sold off to pay for the time so it costs you nothing.

It means you get everything you need and you know it all works fine.
We can organise collecting a car but you would need to pay for that.
Usually a nominal fee + fuel

Any way - whatever you choose to do - welcome to the real Capri forum
(free from inernet monkeys and keyboard mechanics) well for now any way.
Just some of what we do

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Post by brett » Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:39 pm

Thanks for all the replies and the warm welcome guys.

Had been debating the 12v/24v thing myself,

possible future tuning would more then likely just be a home brew turbo kit and standalone ecu (megasquirt), for me the turbo route gives the best increase for money and from owning turbo cars in the past and designing systems i know what to expect, power when you want it with a more acceptable mpg return when just cruising.

i was thinking along the lines of the 24v for a higher starting point and better flowing heads, however mix in the other changes that will be needed to handling, stopping and any possible work that may/will be needoued on a car that hasnt been used for a long time and i think y are right 12v route will save me some cash to get any possibilities sorted first, once the cars up and running sweet and all sorted it would always be possible to swap in the 24v when money permitted knowing my car was sorted n safe for the power first.

suppose with the 2.8 cross member i can also change it over to power steering, will my rear diff be ok with all this :))

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