2.0L DOHC into 1.6 Laser...

Please let us know here of any parts needed to fit other engines into Capri shells, and any other modifications needed,

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2.0L DOHC into 1.6 Laser...

Post by jimherefordbmx » Sun Jul 13, 2008 3:23 pm

Heloo all, first post on here for me regarding an engine conversion for my 1.6 Laser.

My current engine is on the way out, and as I use the car as a daily driver (60 miles a day) I needed something more modern and economical.

After doing a little research I figured that the best option would be a 2.0i DOHC engine from a Sierra including all the electronic injection sysems. I have just bought the donor car which is a 1993 Sierra GT, and am looking to start the conversion soon.

I am already aware I need to find a 2.8i fuel tank which has swirl pot/fuel return lines, and a fuel pump/relay combo.

The gearbox in my capri is a Type 9, and in the sierra an MT75. What parts will I need to fit the two together? Or am I better off using the MT75?

I have been told that my current radiator should be up to the job of cooling the engine, as long as I fit an electronic fan.

What other parts am I likely to need to get hold of?
What options do I have to stiffen up the suspension on the front end due to the extra weight of the 2.0L?

As I'm a student with a job over the Holiday periods, im pretty skint, so the lowest cost / best value for money / quick fix solutions would be the best!

Any help or advice would be appreciated!

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Post by csr » Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:58 pm

It is a good engine but it does not fit in a Capri easily
think we might have a set of mounts - engine and box.
Think there is also exhaust down pipe and rad with fans etc

If you are interested, can have a better check and talk to
Neil and find out what sort of cost.
Just some of what we do

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Post by deshi » Fri Sep 19, 2008 7:36 am

Hi From bulgaria ... so i read your posts and i can tell you its possible i had mk3 1.6 now it`s 2000 dohc from 1993 sierra i also used the mt 75 gerabox ..So if you have questions you can ask ... excuse my bad english but i studied german i have a lot of pics of engine swap and everything else i also have some videos ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k2bKHM_EyU first test made from me and my father

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