turbocharging a carb pinto ?

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turbocharging a carb pinto ?

Post by Lennard » Mon Apr 21, 2008 9:40 pm

hey guys

i've spoken the guy that i got my motor from and he told me he had it build op for forced induction ( aka low cr around 8.5)

is it do-able to turbocharge a 2 liter pinto with a 32/36 DGAV weber on it ?
and what kind of results would i see ?
tha car made 98 rwhp and 190 tq acourding to the dyno ( it did have a header on it back then )
(this was with no forced induction or anything )

i've found an intake for it (T-3 mounting flange) and was thinking about a garrett t25. Would this spool up at around 2000/2500 rpm with a pinto ?

and what is a good way to get the fuel pressure to match with the boost ?
since i have a mmachanical fuel pump, could i use a 2.8i unit for this somehow ? and does it needs modifing

the car needs to be relaible aswell since it's gonna be my daily driver in the near future
( yep i know injection is probably better but injected pinto's aren't that much around here Evil or Very Mad )

Greetz Lennard

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