2.0 Zetec into a capri.

Please let us know here of any parts needed to fit other engines into Capri shells, and any other modifications needed,

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2.0 Zetec into a capri.

Post by ihatesissycars » Tue Mar 20, 2007 1:47 pm

Whats the cheapest way of doing this?

So far i've come up with sierra cvh sump and pickup (might need altering a bit but shouold be in the correct ish ball park), cvh clutch and flywheel, type 9 box, make my own engine mounts.

That should be enough to get the bugger in there.

What about this water rail and stat housing business?

Also ancilliary items, i remember something baout certain water pumps going in different directions and so on?

Radiator is easy so no issues there.

Induction + ignition would be via a standard plenum setup and maybe a megaspurt ecu if the original can't be used.

Whaddaya reckon?

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the best!

Post by nr_franklin » Tue Mar 20, 2007 5:40 pm


this is one of the best conversions i've seen!

i know its not the zetce into a capri but there's loads of very good hints and advice related to the zetec swap.

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Post by capri_turbo » Wed Mar 21, 2007 9:46 am

apparently the CVH sump needs mods, the water rail is to move the thermostat housing as it WILL hit the bulkhead. I understand that the alternator needs moving too and that there are different water pumps.

google "zetecescorts", there is some good info on there.

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Post by wellys » Sat Nov 29, 2008 5:58 am

I have a 72 capri im putting a zetec in, the Zetec R is probably the best, It was the last zetec built before they changed to Duratec, the oil filter screws onto the block, U need a raceline water rail or u can just use a piece of radiator hose and a steel pipe then put the thermostat housing out at the radiator, u need to modify your sump, u can buy an ignition only module which is what i used with a set of Dellorto 45s, a Borg warner T5 Box from a mustang (same box as 2wd cossi siera) and used the 2.0 zetec flywheel/pressure plate with a ford 9 inch clutch plate and a hydraulic release bearing, a modified bell housing was used, Ive been told its easier to use 1.8 escort zetec flywheels etc as they are lighter and a T9/sierra box, but this was no use to me as my engine is over 240hp and the T9 Box is only good for 200 if even. I have a diagram of what mods to do to your own sump which i will post when i find it and engine mounts will have to be fabricated :o
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