2.9EFI into 2.0 Shell?

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2.9EFI into 2.0 Shell?

Post by Oscar »

I have a 1983 2.0 Capri. I also have a rotten through 2.8i with a 2.9EFI fitted. What are the pitfalls transferring all the running gear into the 2.0?
Would it need a DOT Test in order to put it on the road when done? All advice would be appreciated.

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Post by csr »

There are minor variations in the shells but nothing that will cause you any problems.

Other people may well remember some other stuff but the 2 things
that come to mind right now are the exhaust hangers and the front cross member fixings.

The rear exhaust hanger can be un-bolted from the 2.8 and re-fitted in the hole that is already there on the 2.0.
The hanger under the back seat is a bit more complicated. The easy way is to just drill the 2 holes which are already marked
and bolt up with some penny washers.
If you want to do it properly, you need to drill out the spot welds from the strengthening plate and swap that over too.
Just some of what we do

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