Splash sheilds on a 3.0s

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Splash sheilds on a 3.0s

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Hello to all.

Although i have recently bought a genuine factory black 1980 3.0s
with a history file as long as yer arm,i decided to do a number on it.
Total bare metal resray replacing all the crusty areas 145 hours prep
welding etc all in the name of keeping the car original,except for the unleaded conversion and full engine rebuild,and not forgeting total
rolling chassis rebuild and 2 pack underside repaint.

I am pondering on whether or not splash sheilds were actually fitted
to this model of capri,as i did remove some from mine but have since been told that they were exclusive only to the 2.8 injection,and that these ones on mine were possibly after market add ons.

Now there might be a capri purist out there that can put me right on this matter or is it a case of hobsons choice,as although my car is no way concours i still want it as uncle henry intended from 1980,a good solid,
driving, looking, Capri.

Hope to get to the Ace run in september.

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