Front wing replacement

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Front wing replacement

Post by RUSS T CAGE » Fri May 09, 2008 3:40 pm

Hi all, my name's Andy and I have just joined this site.
I have recently picked up a capri laser that needs new wings.
The wings seem to be available easily enough but I
remember from years back that after market wings
tend to be a bad fit ( I had a 2.0 capri in the mid 90's).
This would seem to be backed up by my mates beutifull orange 3.0s
which is spoiled by the gap between rear wing and door.

I am fairly handy with the welder ( I have had a few classic fords over the
last 8 years). Is it best to fold over some sheet metal to close up the
gap or is there anybody making replacement wings that fit well?
any advice appreciated. cheers :wink:

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