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Body strength

Post by JT »

Hi there,

I've got a MKII Capri, body is in good condition. I'm from NZ and we don't salt our roads here so it's rust free.

Just wondering how strong the bodys are? I'm currently fitting a 5.0L V8 engine from a mustang which is about 350hp.

It's just a street car but I was wondering if I will need a cage or half cage to keep the chassis from twisting? Or just good strut bracing?


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Post by Coops »

i have a cage and strut brace on mine just to be safe,
and im only running a 3.9 v8 engine.
i supose it all depends on the shell condition, and what your intended use is.
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Post by fleurbygerby »

got any pics of your capri? I'll show u mine if u show me yours?!?! :D

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