mark III chrome bumpers?

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mark III chrome bumpers?

Post by chloroform »

hi, im looking to have my mark III capri fitted with a chrome front and rear bumper,, but the mark III has the indicators fitted intothe bumper? does anybody know if its possible to find a chrome bumper for a mark III? or would i have to get an original one chrome plated? but can the end caps also be chrome plated as they are plastic?? its really important to have a classic chrome look for this capri projectany help would be very usefull! cheers! :roll:

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Post by IanD »

You could try getting a pair of MK II bumpers, but then again, there indicators aren't in the bumpers either. You could get your MKIII bumpers chromed, but as you say the end caps are plastic and I don't think chroming would stick very well to the plastic and would flake off, if it could be coated. Don't know the process that's involved in chroming i'm afraid.
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Post by r2d2hp »

Chroming plastic can be done but its very specialised and think its going to be quite expensive.

I did have someone do a side vent for a MK1a Capri but that was a few years back.

They have to first coat the plastic in a layer of copper, once that has been done then its just the normal chroming process.

Maybe new ways of doing it today but thats how it was done a few years back

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