Misfire and Vibration

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Misfire and Vibration

Post by 280Brooklands » Sun Oct 28, 2007 6:03 pm

Hi there

I have just bought a 1987 280 Brooklands with 60K on the clock, its immaculate, and had been restored to a very high standard. however I have developed a misfire.

The car has had new plugs and leads, although the plugs ARE NOT motorcraft, theyre NGKs. I used to have a 2.8 sierra 4x4 and it ate NGK plugs but went well on Motorcraft ones.

The thing is though it only does it when its hot, and i was wondering if this could be a similar thing.

Anyone come accross it before? Just curious really, i realise that its not a huge issue, but was just wondering if anyone had seen it.

Furthermore i have a vibration through the steering if you touch say for example cats eyes in the road. I thought maybe a wheel bearing but there is no play in the road wheel, and no noise. I thought perhaps then maybe it was wishbone bushes? But they are new. No nocks or anything just a vibration. Any ideas?

thanks guys, sorry for the post length.

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