help and advice needed for 2.8 injection system/valves .....

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help and advice needed for 2.8 injection system/valves .....

Post by freelandingman » Mon Mar 12, 2007 5:34 pm

ok i just took my car to get it tuned and they had a look and said it cant be done due to the one bank running totally different to the other
anybody have any idea what would cause this,

iv been told to check the timing,and valve clearances as well as spark plug gap,
how do u check the valves and timing,i guess il need to buy a timing gun

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Post by capri_turbo » Tue Mar 13, 2007 9:48 am

this is usually cause by a leaking inlet manifold gasket or the plenum chamber gasket. If you can, use genuine Ford gaskets here as they are a million times better than the abominations sold by most factors... they'll cost around £35 for the 2, but well worth it in my opinion. The o rings on the injectors are worth replacing too as they can leak air past.

Could also be injectors, valve gear (clearances etc.) check haynes manual.

Ignition timing would affect both banks the same but for the record, should be 12 degrees BTDC with vacuum advance disconnected and plugged. Idle speed should be circa 850 to 900 rpm and idle CO should be around 1.25%. You'll never get both banks to read exactly the same.

My mum's car had a similar problem recently and the only cure was to replace the inlet gaskets. A quick check would be when the car is running and on the CO meter, spray carb cleaner around where the inlet manifold meats the heads (at the rocker covers) and watch for a change in reading / listen for it running differently (usually better). Also spray around the plenum to inlet joint too. The drivers side of plenum and inlet manifold risers feeds the passengers side of engine by the way.

Hope this helps

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