Cosworth BOA / BOB

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Cosworth BOA / BOB

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One of my current projects is rebuilding and up grading a Cossy BOA to go into a Sierra 4x4 V6.
So my questions / comments will be restricted to these only.
So far - stripped an engine to the last nut and bolt with following upgrades, BOB cams, Support girdle for the block, individual throttle bodies,
Megasquirt EMS, Extractors, cleaned up valve seat area, extractors etc.
It will be used as a race / sprint car and not as a road registered car.

Q1 : What Injectors are used as a replacement ? Vauxhall Vectra V6 3 litre
I am told, anyone have a part Number, Bosch I assume. !!

Polite answers and comments to me direct on,

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