Ford digital radio cassette - where do the wires go?

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Ford digital radio cassette - where do the wires go?

Post by peranaman » Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:01 pm

I know there have been a few questions on this in the past but I've never seen an actual answer.

Someone has fitted an after market CD header unit to my Capri mk3.

I have an original Ford digital radio cassette to fit back in but al the wires have been cannibalised - does anyone have the definitive wiring set up for the rear of the set?

The connections available are:-

1. Big earthing lug screwed to back - no problem

2. long protruding lug

3. small narrow recessed lug

4. larger recessed lug

5. another earthing lug - no problem.

I'm trying to figure out which lug is for radio channel Memory

Which lug for aerial

Which lug for Aux switched 12v feed.

Any help would be appreciated.

ta Chris

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