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Diff strength

Post by v8boss »

Hi all, I have bought a MK3 v6 auto to play with and am planning a few upgrades to bring it into the real world. It will get a 5.0 winsor with factory injection and auto, bigger brakes and 5 stud conversion with 16" ZS mags or minilites, depending on my mood at buying time! Just looking for advice on diff strength. I think it has the atlas diff in it currently, what sort of power will these things handle before they start blowing?

Also want to put a fuel tank out of injected capri into it to help with the conversion, does anyone know what sort of pressure they run to the injection, and also how much they flow LPM? I assume they are an in tank fuel pump, but please correct me if I am wrong!

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im pushing around 250-280 through my capri axle with 350+ on race days with nitrous and drag radial tyres.

the fuel pressure will depend on your system used (efi) most efi systems run at around 30-40 psi but mechanical injection around 70-90 psi
you will need a 28i injection pump these feed most injected set ups quite happily, the pump is externally mounted and is found on the drivers side (uk spec) of the fuel tank in a cradle on the side of the tank.
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