Gearbox or Clutch?? MK1 2000 GT V4

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Gearbox or Clutch?? MK1 2000 GT V4

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After Restoration have taken my MK 1 P/F out for a short spin. There is a definite what can only be described as clicking / clanking noise what appears to be coming from the gearbox or maybe the clutch. It appears to do it as different times both with clutch depressed and up, funnily enough it did do it more on a right turn. There also is a real lack of pull albeit in neutral the engine revs sweetly and freely. I wonder whether it could be a spring on the clutch plate or maybe the release bearing is shot
If the gearbox, any ideas where to look as it seems to change freely and tightly. Any ideas welcomed. Thanks Gordon

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Gordon were do you start on this one if it were me I would jack the rear of the car up get someone to turn the road wheels have a look under the car make sure alls ok first, are you sure its gearbox/cluch area not the diff flange rubbing on the bodyor prop ujs as depressing the cluch pedal should eliminate thurst race and pressure plate if there no differance,
Good luck.
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