strange noise... probably the water pump?

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strange noise... probably the water pump?

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my 2.0 when it warms up a bit, it starts to make a strange noise, like a kettle boiling, and the car heats up a lot. in town i cand be more than 5 minutes, the temp goes nearly to red, and in motorway, if im not presing much the throotle it ok, as son as i go on the pedal (30 secs) it heats up to.

ive changed pipe avoiding: interior heating, carb auto choke and take the thermostat of. so I only hace water pump an radiator. could the water pump be broken o just dead?

my viscous fan doesnt work either, but ive just got an electric fan that ill fit as soon as I fix this.

what do you think about fiting an electric fan?

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